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PUERTO CHIAPAS today is considered as one of the 16 main ports of height of Mexico, since it begins to have an economic activity of export. Besides Puerto Chiapas offers those seeking close contact to a world of mystical, exotic and natural, the gateway to a magical place with fascinating tours of the area, enjoying unparalleled natural beauty, alternative tourism, ecotourism and archeology.


Puerto Chiapas is generating an identity, different from the rest of the ports, taking advantage of products only as amber, marimba and archaeological areas.
It has developed a variety of products based on ecotourism and the main economic activities in the region of soconusco, such as: coffee, mango, banana, cocoa, and exotic flowers.


Chiapas food possesses certain features of authenticity, is a gastronomic mosaic composed of its natural biodiversity, where every place print you characteristics, defines tastes and they create habits; varies in each region; He also thrives by Mayan ethnic diversity and the zoque of Olmec origin which when combined with the Spanish cuisine by the influx of Dominican monks; There is a huge variety of dishes of miscegenation of the State.


Chiapas has 3 magical villages: San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapa de Corzo and Comitan de Dominguez, this recognition is given to the localities that have a special charm and unique symbolic attributes that allow you to highlight the character and identity of the people, which manifest themselves through their cultural heritage. These characteristics may include: history, architecture, gastronomy and crafts, making your stay a magic moment.


Chiapas offers visitors various destinations to meet and explore this wonderful natural territory; Waterfalls, magical towns, beaches and forests open paths for adventurous hikers willing to let us surprise you step by step.


Chiapas is a State of adventure, temples, palaces and mounds of Palenque and Tonina tell you stories of our ancestors Mayas, are hidden in the Lacandon Jungle and guarded by the tree of life: La Ceiba tree who speaks and reminds you of the importance of your existing and living on Earth.


The fascination of Chiapas terminates at its coastline, with beautiful and calm beaches that make you feel in paradise.




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